Did this ever happen to you? You take a powerful workshop, have an insightful conversation with a friend, “and wake up” during meditation or experience an “aha” moment, then know absolutely that you will make a change in your thinking and your actions forever.

You make these new changes and feel great. Then after a few days of living life, your commitment is forgotten. It felt as if you never had those illuminative experiences. 

Sound familiar? This struggle of remembering to remember has caused me much frustration and amazement. Frustration at my inability to stay where I feel the best and amazement that I could forget how good I can feel.

My busy, busy life seems to create a roadblock


to remembering where I feel the best. Lately, I have found several ways to help my memory until this new way of thinking can be confirmed in my life.

My old-fashion standby “the post it” note has always worked for me if I take the time to write and post the reminder in places I live.  I set an alarm on my computer hourly as a reminder to remain or return to a place of enlightenment.

Remembering that outside my office there is a big beautiful sky filled with clouds passing by. Remembering that in the grand scheme of things, how important really is this upsetting issue? 

breathing space 3


My favorites, counting to 10 before I respond or commit, “stop, look and listen,” and my number one response for creating space for myself, “Let me think about it.”

By using these techniques I can reset my thinking, give myself some headroom allowing me to do some “crock-pot” thinking and pause to be introspective instead of reactive. In our busy lives, we can find a thread of continuity and peace when we remember to remember. 

What tricks have you tried to stay on target when your life wants to takeover and run you instead of you running your life? 

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