Janis’ Coaching and Fitness Package is the perfect combination to support and guide you as you discover what’s important now, design your personal path and stay on track with weekly commitments to your wellness. Janis’ customized fitness training will keep your body strong and help you stay on your feet as you travel your personal path of the Third Act of Aging. Don’t let your body die before you do! Keep it going with an exercise program as you realize what you want to do now with your life.Coaching

Ok, just what is a Certified Functional Aging Specialist? Let’s start with the word “Functional.”  The Live Like You Can System focuses primarily on how to get the body into the best place to experience our lives now with the greatest potential possible. Restoring and renewing the physical self as much as possible for each person so that the body is not a limiting factor in how we want to live now.  Janis, a 67-year old “Aging” Trainer has the tools and skills to help you get or stay in a body that is ready for life. A body that does not restrict or limit your choices now.  She and her program can help you reclaim the energy and fitness you need to help you maximize your quality of living now.

 Ok, just what does a Professional Coach do? In general, coaches can help us:

Be our authentic selves

Take us from ok to living life with excitement

Create a personal path

Discover what we really want in life

Find the answers from within ourselves

Get us from where we are, to where we want to be

Be more accountable to ourselves and others\

Formulate goals aligned with values

Help connect the dots

The second question we addressed was “What are the most significant barriers that we, as individual coaches, face in educating the general public about the profession of coaching?”

We agreed that the biggest barrier was a lack of education around what coaching really is. A number of coaches recalled clients who had confused psychotherapy or counseling with coaching. Some clients ask for a coach but they really want a consultant — someone to tell them what to do.

In my personal experience as a Wellness Life Coach, I find my clients truly value the confidential space that the professional coach creates and honors. They also appreciate an objective sounding board and the empowering questions that lead them to greater insights into what they really want to achieve, and why. The goal is often to help the client achieve intrinsic motivation vs. external motivation, so that the energy for change or develop comes from the clients’ genuine desire for continuous improvement and well-being.

Judy O Neil“I was the perfect client for Janis’ Coaching & Fitness Package”  Judy O.

Coaching with Janis has brought so many changes. My life moved me away from couch potato-ism and being a hermit to stepping out into the world. My life now has included an African safari, trips to Umbria, Tuscany, Rome, Bosnia and Sarajevo. This year brings me to Sicily.

My decision to take Janis’ Coaching and Fitness Package helped me discover the new way I wanted to live. Janis became my weekly guide, support system and accountability partner as well as my trainer, helping me create and keep my strength and stamina to live my vision. The process has opened my heart to joy and gratitude and I’m feeling much more energetic and positive about my life. You are part of my gratitude journal every morning. Thanks, Janis!

Jude Chaikin

“Janis’ Coaching & Fitness Package Took Me All the Way!”   

Jude C.

So happy to have made the decision to choose Janis’ Coaching and Fitness Package! With Janis’ guidance, I created a vision for my body, life and spirit. First, I watched my body slim down, become more powerful and toned.  I  experienced a profound expansion in my ability to set and meet goals on a day to day basis. Using the new tools I learned in coaching, I created a premier homemade soup business.”

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How Coaching Works!

Contact Janis for an initial visit to her gym to take stock of where you are now and discuss where you want to go! Together, you’ll discuss why, what, how, when and where you can find endless energy and a strong body to carry you forward. We’ll schedule a free initial consultation and we will discuss “your personal” why, what, how, when and where!

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