78 millionWait 7 seconds and another American Baby Boomer will be created.  Did you know that most Boomers will say they do not expect to experience old age, sickness or death, metaphorically speaking?  Is this a case of denial and delusion or an incredible positive attitude?

As a Boomer, I also feel that I will avoid “creeping rigor mortis” (stiffness and crepitation), illness and death.  I believe we feel this way thanks to growing up during the best years of the United States.

We experienced close families, clean water, food and air, safe neighborhood, great education and happy times for most of us. Boomers also have resilience, a determination to work hard and the belief that anything can be accomplished.

As we grow older, if we are going to live our “Boomer” destiny, it will be increasingly more important to take care of the vehicle that gets us around, “the body.”  

While the young can be obsessed by “what the body looks like,” Boomers must be obsessed with keeping our body in the best working order until the very end and yes, we have to work harder with each passing year to maintain balance, strength, agility, flexibility and endurance.

Working harder also means digging deep each day to find the motivation and willingness to get up and move, get out of the house, go exercise, eat well and stay connected every day. Taking care of the body will give us the gift of time to enjoy our lives until the end.

In my experience the “how” of aging is directly related to the willingness to never give up. Take a pause, look inside, and telescope into your future. What did you find that would keep you keeping on?

When you do, post it everywhere so that you will remember to remember until you remember and can use that motivator to live like you can every day.




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