Janis Says:

My clients are my heroes!

They are people who want to:

Explore what is possible for now

Find a healthy weight

Gain strength

Prevent injury or rehabilitate after an injury or surgery

Reduce stress

Increase their energy

Reduce pain and stiffness

Discover and define their personal wellness vision

Design a plan and stick to it

Need More Inspiration?

My Fitness Journey with Patricia Chaarte, 86

It all began with a crushed cigarette under her shoe and a push on my doorbell. Longtime clients were here for their morning session and decided to bring a dear friend who agreed to tag along to see if she had any interest in pursuing a workout program.Read more…

Peter Leventhal, 72

Everything changed the day Peter threw a punch at the avocado tree outside my gym on his way to a workout.

Peter Leventhal is a 71-year-old, lifelong artist, painter and sculptor who moved to San Miguel 11 years ago. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2001. The most obvious symptom resulted in a major tremor in his right hand. Peter’s life’s work required him to stand and use his hands to create art. Read more…

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