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Susana Zemeno

Starting at 365, now 200!

Fearless and Fit
“When I made the decision to exercise for the first time in my life, I was scared and hesitant with little confidence in my body. I felt too fat, too clumsy, too slow, unbalanced and could not bend over to pick something up. My first words to Janis were “I am too fat to exercise.” Her reply changed my life. Janis said “I was too fat NOT to exercise and she would believe in me until I believed in myself.” We started on the POWER PLATE  and now I am a beautiful, strong woman who believes in me.” 

Susana Z.

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Neuromuscular Disease MS and Power Plate Training

ginger PPGetting A Jump on Her Life!

“I was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago. At first, my body went downhill rapidly. Then I took charge and started investigating what I can do at this point. I went down many avenues which helped. Now I use the Power Plate and trampoline to keep things moving and alive. Power Plate has made a huge difference in my life.” 

Ginger P.

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Osteoporosis And Bone Density Issues

Vibration and Bone Health


During her 16 years of training at Janis’ Gym, Martha traveled the path of cancer 3 times. She took a drug for 5 years that caused a dangerous level of bone loss, as well as a parathyroid issue. After training on the Power Plate for 3 years and then repeating her bone density test, her doctor said: “whatever you are doing, keep doing it” Her bone loss stopped and her bone density increased.

Martha S. 

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Man Learns to Walk Again with Power Plate Therapy


Vibration and Parkinson’s

april 27 133Shaking Helped My Shaking

“My whole experience in training has been one of centering and balancing,” Peter noted. “My hand still shakes but I am doing things that I never thought possible, and I am doing something to stop the progression of Parkinson’s.”

A family tragedy required me to fly to the States. When I returned to San Miguel, I immediately came back to the gym. “Emotionally, I knew this was the best thing for me to do. Exercise would help me more than anything else, and all I had to do was Just show up.

Peter L.

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Vibration and ALS

Training What’s Possible


Although the specific causes of ALS have not been determined and there is no particular therapy, using the Power Plate® machine can definitely be an added value for patients with this condition because:
• It can strengthen unaffected muscles.
• It can enhance cardio-circulatory health of the muscles that are losing function.
• It may help patients fight fatigue and depression.
• It can help in preventing painful spasticity and shortening of muscles.
• It can help maintain bodily functions. As the muscles are stimulated directly, no activation by the central nervous system is necessary. This makes it possible to train the muscles without the necessity of any voluntary or involuntary signals from the brain. In all probability, this will not lead to functional recovery, but it does affect the occurrence of spasticity and improve circulation. Results will vary for each individual patient, but as there is a very limited chance of a negative impact, exercises on the Power Plate machine are definitely worth a try.

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The Power Plate Addict

Training for TimeEugenia

“As a busy career woman, I love training on the Power Plate. Just 30 minutes from start to finish, including massage. I lift Kettlebells and balls to add more intensity. Janis has been my trainer for 13 years in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.”

Eugenia G.

Training for Sports and Better Balance


Joan N.

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Vibration and Post Stroke

P1030167My Body Felt More Alive!

Janis and Joe always say, “Work the parts that work!” During my Power Plate Demo, I felt new sensations in my post-stroke body and knew this is the place for me. Joe Hernandez helped me feel safe, secure and successful.”

Doug M.

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Vibration and Rehabilitation

Climbing Stairs Again!

“I was hobbling around for the last 2 decades and skeptical about anything helping me. What a difference after one month of training 2 times a week. I am walking without pain and going and down the stairs without the handrail. Joe’s careful coaching on the Power Plate made a huge difference in my life.

Marc R.


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