Live Like You Can!

People tell me about what has become difficult in their lives, what they can no longer easily do and what issues have come up that hinder their life choices. Sometimes I hear about lost motivation, life transitions and missing energy.  At Live Like You Can, we specialize in AGING YOUNG and “Aging” doesn’t have to stop you. In fact, as the years go by we are less committed to kids and work giving us more time to take care of ourselves, sometimes for the very first time.

 THE LIVE LIKE YOU CAN “AGING YOUNG” SYSTEM means acceptance of the unstoppable years passing by and discovering the willingness to do whatever is possible to make them the best years yet.  The system helps you address each area of your life from the physical to the emotional with fitness training and wellness coaching.

You might be feeling a loss of freedom in certain areas of your life which are causing you grief, surprise, depression or anger.  I have felt exactly the same way over the last few years.  Not willing to spend this part of my life remaining with those negatives, I discovered a way to change my relationship with these feelings and turn them into fuel for transformation. 

My personal mission is to never die old! Even though at 74, it’s too late for me to die chronologically young,  I have discovered the way to Live Like I Can with as much youthful vigor as possible, living in a body I trust and having confidence in my life choices.  My energy soars with an ever-expanding yearning to Hop ‘Til I Drop!

Need help with regaining your body, personal power, balance, confidence, energy and clear thinking. Do you want to discover the answer to, “What do I want now?”  We will keep you on track and moving forward as you find the answer.

Live Like You Can Coaching and Fitness Programs will restore your body to a stronger, more balanced and energetic vehicle in which to live.  We will be there with you, coaching, training and guiding the process of finding the personally perfect combination of healthy choices and good decisions blended with a mix of acceptance and finding out,  “What’s next for me!”

The Live Like You Can System supports you on this part of your journey, helping you create your own positive path that highlights everything possible for you. At Live like You Can, we treat each person as the individual you are. Your goals are our goals every step of the way.

Janis McDonald

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