Live Like YOU Can is the philosophy I have used to help  each of my clients live the best life right now. It simply means discovering what’s possible, accepting what’s not, resetting attitudes and goals to match up with the whys, wants and whats of now.

What Can You Expect From Me?boxing photos 041

  • I will hold your hand while you discover exactly what you can change or create in your life.
  • I will help you make the changes that you have not been able to accomplish on your own. (Everyone needs help from time to time.)
  • I will act as a catalyst for clarity as you dream about what is possible for you.
  • I will assist you in developing a map for feeling strong, healthy and happy.
  • I will partner with you to design and put into action the steps you need to take.
  • I will stick with you as you become completely engaged, energized and successful.
  • I will then let go when you are ready and celebrate you as you soar, accomplishing all of your desires and dreams.

The Whys  

  • Why now? Why is it important now? 
  • Why regular exercise is vital for dying young as late as possible?
  • Why you must be in charge of your decision to exercise and keep growing!
  • Why do you want this change?


  • What do you want now?
  • What are your issues now?
  • What is your wellness/fitness vision? 
  • What is possible for you, what’s not?
  •  What we are going to do together?


  • How we will work together?
  • How you will progress successfully?
  • How you will keep accountable when you are out of San Miguel de Allende?
  • How you can keep the changes you make?


  • When will you be ready to start?
  • When will we meet? 
  • When are you ready to change/add/delete your personal vision?
  • When do you need more help?


  • Where will you exercise (my gym, online, your home, traveling, other gyms)?
  • Where will we meet for our weekly coaching session? In the Gym, Skype, Phone?
  • Where will be the most comfortable place for you to stick to your program?

Live Like You Can Gym Offers:

  • Personal Training
  • Partner Training
  • Power Plate Training
  • Balance, Strength, Power, Endurance Training 
  • Boxing for Life

Live Like You Can Coaching Offers:

  • Coaching and Fitness Packages
  • 60/30 Minute Sessions
  • Email Support 24/7
  • Weekly Accountability