The Dynamic Duo”

Diane and Ray B.


“I Refuse to Act My Age!”

“The calendar may say 70 but I still feel young inside. Working with Janis has made me realize that I can live to the fullest of my capabilities and age doesn’t have to stop me. I feel stronger and more energetic now than I did in my 40’s! Janis is one of San Miguel’s treasures!”






“I really hate exercising”

“I hate it except for the two months a year I’m in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico working out with Janis! She’s devised a program for me that I can do anywhere, no equipment needed. She gets me motivated, up and out in the morning, and I feel great at 79.”



Watch Ray in action, 2016!

“Bringing Better Balance Home”  

Margot B.

Margot Boland

“I take this confidence back to Canada with me. For anyone who is experiencing balance issues, I highly recommend Janis’ extremely fast and effective approach to your balance issues.”


Needed My Shoulder to Work!  

Patsy D.

Patsy Dubois

“I have known Janis for a long time.I had an accident falling over my two big feet and dislocated my right shoulder. At a dinner,I casually mentioned this to her in relation to my upcoming European trip across the “Stans” and saw immediate concern on her face. The next day,I called and she found time to help me.

The immediate results were amazing!!! What I enjoy the most is the variety of exercises, sending pictures of my exercises with short written descriptions for home workouts in order to continue on my own.”


“Three Partners and Friends To The End”  

Sandra, Lulu & Lynette

Sandra, Lulu & Lynette

Sandra Y.

“I trained with Janis for 9 years, rehabbing my severely broken ankle. A few years later, I had an ankle replacement and once again, rehabbed at Janis’ Gym.”

Lulu T.

“I am the Power Plate queen. My schedule is so busy and I worked out hard for 30 minutes on the Power Plate, then off I went back to my hectic schedule.”  P.S.  This is the Lulu I will always remember, energetic, creative, intimate and open. Busy Lulu always took time to support me and my writing, Rest in Peace, Janis.

Lynette S.

At 80 years old, Lynette found out she had ALS. Her spirit is alive in my gym. She showed us how to life and how to die.

“No Mountain Too High”    

Dar. B.

Before: 258 Lbs. – After: 157 lbs.

Dar Burleson “The desire to lose 100 pounds began with my desire to climb Machu Picchu. At that time, I could not walk to centro in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. With Janis’ help, I climbed the mountain and kept the weight off with my new healthy lifestyle.”

“Consistency Pays Off”

Danny C.

Danny 60

“I was an upper body marshmallow when I found Janis. I had not found upper body exercises I could do post neck surgery that didn’t cause aggravation. So I had a fit lower body and let the top half go to pot. Janis knew what to have me do and not do, and my body was transformed in a matter of months. And we had a great time in the process. Working out with Janis is so much fun that I often forget that I am actually working.


Dancing with Oxygen

Hal Box

hal yoga

“Carrying around a full time oxygen tank didn’t stop me from exercising and living in San Miguel for 8 years. I race up 400 meter Atzec pyramids on the High Plateau in Mexico—with an oxygen tank on my back and a hose in my nose—without losing my balance. It’s a lifetime commitment for me.”

Hal is now dancing in heaven, dancing until the end.

“Girls Are Starting To Look At Me Again!”  

Jay C.

Jay Clark

“Working out with Janis McDonald for two years prior to having open-heart surgery delighted my surgeon. I was in great shape for surgery. Janis worked with my cardiologist and coordinated my cardiac rehabilitation program and now I’m feeling stronger than ever.”



Parkinson’s and Painting

Peter L.

stuff2 045Peter was experiencing an increasing loss of balance and feared walking down San Miguel sidewalks, and especially the Aurora bridge if people were on it. Peter shared his doubts about whether a fitness program could improve the issues that were directly related to Parkinson’s.

His most debilitating symptoms were shaking and tightness of muscle movement, and he feared that he would reach a catatonic state. I had hope that Peter could improve, but after our consultation, I thought that his slow gait, fatigue and shaking hand might dictate a long, slow and questionable path toward improvement.

Read his whole story here.


“The Story”

Patricia C.


It all began with a crushed cigarette under her shoe and a push on my doorbell. Longtime clients were here for their morning session and decided to bring a dear friend who agreed to tag along to see if she had any interest in pursuing a workout program.

Patricia, looking somewhat reluctant and reserved (or in her words, kicking and screaming) came in, sat down and seemed to be saying “OK, let’s see what you got!”

Patricia watched and seemed somewhat interested in having an initial consultation with me. So we planned her visit for the next day. I received a phone message that morning saying she had to cancel because she fell out of bed while sleeping and felt sore. I have heard lots of excuses, and Patricia’s was a first for me. I never thought I would hear from her again.

Well, Patricia surprised me and returned the next week for her consultation and has continued to surprise and inspire me for 12 years.

Click here to read the rest of the story.


“Through Thick and Thin, I Never Stopped!”

Annie R.


“I started working out with Janis in 2005, thinking I was simply going to lose weight.  But what I gained was so much more:  strength, stamina, better balance, mental clarity and overall fitness!  Along the way, Janis became a trusted confidante and coach, and I got hooked on regular training as a way of life.”