“Nothing Stops Me”

Bobby W.

Bobby WallBobby

“I am so grateful to Janis and her 30 minute workout, 2 times every week. My new strong arms came to my rescue when I found myself locked in Janis’ compound. After a few hours, I decided to plan my escape and climbed over a 2nd story wall topped with glass using only a thin metal tube for support. With the strength of my arms and my courage, I was able to lift my 83 year old body over the top.  Hooray, I am living well as I grow older!”

How High Can He Jump!

Guy S.

Guy Stiles


“Janis’ Flow Workouts always kept me guessing.”

“Workout Partners For Life” 

John & Elaine M.

Joan & Elaine

John:  “I was on the verge of entering my “late” middle age in lousy shape with back pain and limitation of mobility effecting my quality of life. Like an aging car, my warranty had clearly run out. It dawned on me that I needed to do something and recruited my wife, Elaine to keep me accountable. We were committed to getting in shape, adding some muscle mass to see us into our “golden” years and improve our balance and flexibility.

Our progress under Janis’ training has been remarkable. Now, I am in better shape than anytime since my thirties. My back problem is gone. We are both free of any physical limitations, and lead an active and healthier lifestyle. Getting into better shape has been a great success, and we can’t imagine our lives without exercise.”

Over The Hill Gang? No Way!

Eden B.

Eden Box

“One of my greatest pleasures in the last decade has been being part of Janis’ ‘over the hill gang’! She has taught me (and all of this gang) how crucial it is to keep our core strong, to be consistent with cardio and strength workouts.”





My 30 Minute San Miguel Gym Workout

Joe D.

Joe D.

“When I am visiting my second home in San Miguel I train with  Janis as often as possible for a 30 minute workout. In those 30 minutes Janis puts me through an intense strength and core conditioning workout using a variety of techniques. 

Janis is an expert on proper form and makes sure that I am working at all times to gain the maximum benefit from each exercise. She always emphasizes which muscle the exercise is designed to work.

Janis’ expertise in core conditioning, balance and strength is ideal for all ages. Performing 30 minutes a few times per week to the hours of walking the hills and cobblestones of San Miguel and I leave in far better shape than when I  arrived.”

Me at 65, Learning to be a Circus Seal!

William P.

circus-seal“It’s hard work yet very fun and good for strength and balance. It’s the sort of thing that Janis does. She works me hard and keeps it interesting. She is probably the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. Period.”