When I was first exposed to the Power Plate, I laughed and thought, “Yet, again, another quick fix for fitness.” When two of my clients, wanting to keep up their fitness while on an extended trip, discovered Power Plate Training Gyms available all over Paris, they signed up. They became addicts and never missed their half-hour, 3 times a week workout, even as they left Paris for other destinations. As in most European cities (since l999),  they found Power Plate Training Gyms.  As Vibration Training became more known worldwide, the expansion of research on this type of training grew exponentially.

Upon their return to San Miguel de Allende, they insisted that I go to Mexico City to witness the workout myself. While I didn’t completely understand what was happening, I did feel a full body, total muscle fiber recruitment workout as well as a general feeling of well-being and relaxation.

ginger-PP-225x300I continued my journey by doing enormous amounts of homework to be convinced that standing on a vibrating machine could induce fitness/strength, increase bone density, boost the neuromuscular system, help people with MS and Parkinson’s, step up circulation to reduce pain, improve balance and increase lymphatic drainage of toxins.  I expanded my education beyond studies conducted by  Power Plate, considering hundreds of studies performed outside the vibration industry.

My final acceptance came when I read the study performed by the American College of Sports Medicine, which validated whole body vibration training as an effective and efficient mode of exercise. Completing the first ever offered “official” Personal Training Certification (designed by ACSM) in 1987; I have always valued this organization as the top leader in the fitness industry.

My private training gym in San Miguel de Allende has offered Whole Body Vibration Training on the Power Plate since 2004. During this time, I have witnessed people with joint issues that couldn’t train otherwise, get stronger and have less pain, older clients with balance problems feel more confident, people with neuromuscular diseases gain more mobility and strength, as well as younger, athletic people squeeze the maximum out of their workouts with external loading (kettle bells, dumbbells, balls, bands) and Power Plate training. unnamed

Power Plate recommends 2 to 3 thirty minutes sessions a week on non-consecutive days to gain/maintain fitness, balance, flexibility, reduction of pain and a general feeling of well-being. These short sessions are powerful due to the whole body muscle recruitment of fibers as well as the multi-directional movement by the plate.

If you are in San Miguel, please contact the Live Like You Can Gym for a free demonstration of this powerful machine. Googling will bring many mixed messages on this type of training. However, ACSM has placed their seal of approval on Whole Body Vibration Training and that is enough for this lifelong fitness trainer, who has personally witnessed the results over the last 11 years.

Please go to www.livelikeyoucan.com, contact us, take a demo and decide for yourself!

Happy Training to all, Janis



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