The Third Act of Life is just beginning for me and I firmly believe that I will live to 100. I could be wrong, however, each one of us has more influence over this final year than we think. For example, my 100 year old life would best be served today by doing everything possible to preserve my mind and body for the long haul.  If I thought I didn’t have much time left, then I might say to myself, “Hey, you’re in good shape now, you can make until the end!”

My 100 year thinking has me planning, preparing and taking action right now so that I will be able to enjoy my later years with as much activity, passion, mindful expansion and independence as possible. If I am wrong and kick off earlier than I planned, I still win! My body and mind will be in as good shape as possible to meet whatever my fate will be on my final day.Unknown-1

Minimum requirements for my long life include 3 times a week of vigorous exercise. Exercise that causes me to breathe very hard and move as fast as possible. While each person will need to honor their own personal health and limitations, it’s vital that the exercise cause every muscle possible to activate and work hard, possibly to failure.

The word fail tends to make my clients shiver with fear because in the “real” world, failure is seen as a negative and regretful experience. In the gym, it simply means the muscle has been safely taken to the farthest limit in order to grow or maintain the current strength level.

The second target area must be the brain. At a certain age, we all have forgetfulness. However, it is best to move on and avoid vocalizing the often heard, “I am having a senior moment.” The mouth says it, the ears hear it, the brain takes it in and believes it.

Once again, exercise is a main ingredient in helping our brains stay healthy and always changing. Exercise has been called “Miracle-Gro” for the brain and plays an important part in keeping our thinking in tip top shape.  Brain research now proves that we can keep making new pathways and connections if we continue to stimulate our activity and thinking. No matter how long you want to live, exercise will help you live it better!Unknown-1 8.13.45 PM


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  1. Diana says:

    I too, am going to live to be approximately 118, (am now 71), and I appreciate hearing from someone who intends to be around when so many family and friends have long since past. I am starting to think of me as a dinosaur.

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