Boomers are going to drive the funeral industry by demanding creative, customized and preplanned endings by being in charge of how they go out. The funeral industry is getting ready to serve the largest ever group of people with one common bond.  They are called the Baby Boomers and this is only one of the industries that will change and grow in response.

My Mom

Personally, I love the idea of making decisions about my death before I die. I cherish the memories that I have with my mother before she died. Mom was raised on a farm and very pragmatic about her future demise.

If I heard her say once, I heard her say a thousand times, “When I am dead and gone.” I can fill in the rest of the sentence with some action that I needed to take or something that I needed to know. 

A few years before she died, we completely planned her funeral and brought her “last” dress. I have sweet memories of pushing her around the mall in her wheelchair to pick out just the right color. Before I left to return home, we had planned all the songs, pallbearers and which coffin (of course, the most economical and practical). 

Take a look at what is going to be happening in the Boomer Funeral Business

My mom was not a Baby Boomer, maybe she was just ahead of her time. She was comfortable and friendly with the subject of her death belonging to the Greatest Generation. She lived through the Depression and World War II and a quiet strength inside.  Mom showed me the way to go out before the Boomer-driven fashioned designed funerals came on the scene.  Thanks, Mom.



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