“Yes, but I feel really motivated to give myself some quiet time before I rush off to work.” When I first began teaching exercise, I never thought one day I would be advising my clients to just show up and “work the parts that work!” In the course of the first 35 years of my career, everything worked! Our bodies stayed young, fit and flexible without too much effort.

May 17, 10 022

With my client population growing older along with me, I find using this strong statement gets everyone moving.  I strive to instill my belief in never giving up the daily fight to improve fitness so it’s possible to “Live Like You Can.”

Does everyone need a body and mind that can stick out a 26.2 mile marathon, go on a trekking adventure for weeks or swim from Cuba to the US? Most likely not, however, I toast those super heroes who go and go, climbing ever-higher mountains until the end.

My life’s mission is helping people discover just what they need their bodies to do as they grow up, and then designing a way to attain the body they need to support their dreams.

Lately, when Boomers and Beyond step into my training or coaching programs, their needs center around pain reduction, more mobility, upper clients 031body strength, getting off the floor, traveling, less stiffness, knees that bend and feet that work, preparation for surgery, attaining a “weight appropriate” level for their lives and help with redefining their “current” view of what is good enough now.

When I suggested to my first Beyonders (both over 85) to just show up and “work the parts that work,” they were initially astonished and resistant. Yet, when they “got it” and decided to give up the dream of a perfectly working body, they were passionate about maintaining what they had right now.

These women began their exercise programs at an age when most folks are deciding to do less in their lives.  As the years went by, some days were rougher than others with parts that didn’t feel too good and still they carried on.

Leaving the gym, both women always felt physically better due to increased circulation, which brings less pain and better range of motion. Equally important, they felt better emotionally “just showing up” and not giving up.


Here are some of my thoughts and answers to most excuses I have heard over the years for not showing up:

Foot injury?  Train sitting down

Shoulder injury? Rehab shoulders, train the lower body

Headache? Deep breathing, yoga type stretching

Bored? Reverse your workout order or try boxing

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Tired?  Move more to increase blood flow and wake up the body

Lazy? Just show up and see what happens

Need a joint replaced? Strengthened the muscles supporting the jointP1020235

Too Busy? Busy people get more done and taking care of your body will get you through the day

So, no excuses (I will always have the solution), show up and work the part that work (that day), leaving the gym always feeling better, I guarantee it! 

Please share these inspiring women with someone who might need to just show up.

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