The energy and frenzy of the San Miguel de Allende, Mexico winter visitor season this year has been amazing and full of abundance for all. For me, I love the opportunity to meet and work with new faces, sending them home to carry on with their personalized program.

I love the power of total focus with short deadlines to meet. I also love and find huge amounts of energy when I am learning, changing and growing to meet the needs of my long-term clients. With more targeting on “functional aging” training, I am moving by leaps and bounds to absorb and implement these new training techniques with a different twist focused on “Training For Life!”17-1013tm-cart-multimedia

What does music have to do with it? Well, for decades I have used music to help my clients (and me) set the tone, change the tone, eliminate boredom, increase energy and bring back memories in the gym.  I am very aware of how music can change anything, including a workout.

During these last few weeks, I seemed to have forgotten what I used to remember, that music can energize me, relax me, reward me and soften my heart.  Lately, my heart has felt out of breath! Working like a crazy woman, forgetting to breathe.

Amazingly, when I was getting a haircut yesterday, sitting still, not speaking (my haircutter and I have an agreement…I am one of her clients she does not have to entertain), I remembered to remember how much music could change me.  All it took was being still and quiet, allowing the background music to come to the foreground of my consciousness.

Just sitting, doing nothing, allowed me to be soothed by this incredible soul touching music. For the first time that week, I felt peace. All I had to do stop and sit down.

In that instant, I remembered once again how music can change me. I have known this experientially while others who are studying the brain through science have found “real” proof.  Recent studies have revealed how powerful music can be in any situation for just about everybody.

My message for myself and my readers, add music to anything you are doing and you will either feel more energy, images-2focus, peace, emotions and connections with better memory and a softer heart. Lately, I can’t seem to stop listening to this song that brings me feelings of love, compassion and empathy! (I have been accused to being corny)



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