Years ago, someone gave me Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements and my life of ever-increasing freedom began. Miguel’s words are inspiring, clear and simply to understand. His Four Agreements are also some of the most difficult suggestions to follow 24/7.


During my life, I have taken many paths that were going to lead me to a peaceful, non-reactive life of equanimity. While each one had something to share, sometimes it felt so complicated to follow or took too much time. For me, The Four Agreements made it very simple, “Just do this and life will be free.”

I decided to take his word and imprint these directives into my brain. While it took years to really get them down to my heart and into my pattern of thinking, I found the simplicity and directness of these suggestions the easiest path I have followed so far. At this point in my life I see no other reason to pursue another way.  This path has given me what I have been searching for and I found peace, direction, awareness to wait and more serenity than usual in my life.

The Four Agreements:

1) Be impeccable with your words

2) Don’t make assumptions

3) Don’t take things personally

4) Always do your best

After finishing the book, I decided to start with “Don’t take things personally.” I felt if I could incorporate this into my head so it is my permanent default system, it would truly give me the non-reactionary peace I was looking for. Looking back on my first choice, I realized I began with the hardest one to apply; yet it was the one that gave me the most benefit in order to start living the other 3 agreements.

In fact, the rest of the agreements seemed easy compared to Agreement #3.  Personally, I would have moved it permanently to first place as a foundation for the rest. Take a look at this book if you are looking for more equanimity and peace in your life.

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