images-5Suck it in! These words are heard at gym, in the military, on the runway and from our moms. When people come to my gym and complain about their “pooch” that appeared only in later middle age, I ask them to stand up tall,  suck it in and look in the mirror. Amazingly, the 5-10 pound loss they wanted so much has happened and the 1-2 inch height loss due to aging suddenly returns.

Remembering to brace in our lower abdominal area is simply a miracle waiting to happen. The only true “instant weight loss solution” that can work in a few seconds. Not only does this create a more youthful look, the “sling” that nature so wonderfully has provided us with snaps into action and does its best to give support to the internal organs.  Did you know that the organs will migrate downward in response to gravity over the years due to lack of internal support?

So, how to remember to remember? One of my clients actually put a sticky note on her purse before she walked 20 minutes to the gym to remember to “suck it in.”  At first, the body will want to return to it normal poochy state, which has become its default memory. It will take 4 or more weeks and possibly many more weeks to create a new body memory so “in” feels normal and “out” feels like something to correct.

The good news is simply bracing or sucking it in to provide internal support trains and strengthens your deep large girdle (transverse abdominis) so the action of holding it in becomes much easier and natural.

What about breathing you might ask? Let me explain the word “suck.” Suck may sound like I am describing an extremely uncomfortable position which would prevent complete breathing. However, I am simply advising a strong lower core engagement with supporting “bellows or lateral” breathing. Using your ribcage to expand to the sides while drawing air into all 4 lobes of the lungs.

Want a quick weight loss and better posture fix? Then suck it in, the posture straightens up and the body will return to it natural younger state. Try it and you will see.  Just have a mirror on hand to watch your transformation!

Tips to remember to remember:

1) Sticky notes strategically placed

2) Tie a string around your waist while holding in the belly (naturally held in, not overly-sucked in) and when you feel a tightness around your waist, your belly has pooched out

3) Have your mate or friend remind you (of course, this could be dangerous)

4) Set an alarm on your Smart Phone every 30 minutes to remind you

5) Wear clothing with a secure waistband so you can feel the changes in pressure around your waist when you need to brace it in (avoid the elastic band that move in and out as you do)

Keep it up for at least 4 weeks or more. Your friends will start to notice and comment, which will feel so wonderful that you will want to keep on keeping it in.

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