Midweek Cover 001“Cheerleader for the Human Body” was one of my favorite nicknames given to me by the followers of the “Body By Janis” TV Show in Hawaii.  

While I still like to cheer people on by sharing all the positive benefits of exercise, I find now at the Boomer and Beyond age, it is vital to remind people of the importance of keeping what we have and avoiding the long slow downhill slide.

During my years in the gym, I have heard many reasons for exercising. Here are a few! (I bet you could add to this list)

Climbing high mountains, increasing energy, traveling without limits, throwing your grand kids around, walking to town over cobblestones (SMA folks), staying upright and balanced, creating new neuron connections, expanding your brain and creating more health.

The research through the years of fitness, which include Jack LaLanne, Ken Cooper, Jazzercize, Jane Fonda and Body By Janis, has shown how exercise will positively impact practically everything in our lives. Surprisingly, research has also shown avoidance to be a stronger motivator to adherence over the long haul.

For instance, we want to avoid giving up travel, falling down and never getting up, having a health crisis become a priority42-1013tm-cart-medical3, becoming dependent and moving in with our kids or worse, moving like an old fart and losing our minds then becoming boring or repetitive. (Please feel free to add to this list)

At the Boomer and Beyond age, skipping a workout will be another day of losing strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. On the good side, every day you do something for your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance, you will keep what you have and build more fitness.

Before I share my New Years top ten “tried and true” fitness tips to help you feel better, let’s discuss the best “tried and true” approach to help you stick with it forever.  First, you must discover your inner most reason to “WHY” start and “WHY” never stop.  The answer will be found as you dig deeper and go beyond the reasons of looking better, losing weight, getting stronger or someone wants me to take better care of myself and “I should.”

Personally, I found my deepest motivator by discovering my strong desire to remain independent and fit as possible for a 100-year-old Boomer.  My explorations helped me unlock the key to taking care of my body and making it my top priority.   As a Wellness coach, I know your lifelong success is entirely dependent upon discovering your own “deepest desires and motivations for living the rest of your life.”  We are maintaining, sustaining and in some cases increasing what we have today to carry on.

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Here are my top 10 simple tips to help you better every day: And yes, it will take more effort now.

1) Upon waking, eyes closed, take 10 super deep breaths and stretch your entire body.

2) Drink warm water, 2-4 cups after your feet land on the floor to wake up your system.funkyicon_cup_2

3) Eat Good Food at every meal 3 times a day including proteins and complex carbs.Woman Brushing Her Teeth With A Tooth Brush

4) Daily brush your teeth and floss while balancing on one foot (30sec).  Keep switching feet until you are finished.

5) Perform pushups on a counter top (until you can’t do another one) followed by the Stand-Up Sit-Down 10-30 times on the toilet or another low place (How low can you go and still look up?)

6) Look up (preferably at the sky) and bend back (hands on hips) reversing your forward bending sleeping posture.

7) Walk with vigor, arms pumping, breathing deeply for 30 minutes every single day (preferably outside in nature).meditation

8) Sit for 5-10 minutes with your eyes closed, listening to the breath that keeps you alive while appreciating your life.

9) Every day expand your mind by googling, reading a book, researching a burning question, chatting with a group of like-minded exquisite minds, get together with friends to talk about ideas, or my personal favorite, go to the library.

10) Most of all, no matter what, rest your body and sleep well!

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