While Googling for “Growing Older” I found “Growing Bolder!” I loved this statement so much, I decided to write a few words exploring the differences in these two thoughts. Isn’t it funny how one little letter can make such an enormous shift in our energy as we ponder these two ideas?

For me, growing older has an undertone of acceptance, which is really fantastic up to a degree. Accepting that I am no longer 30, gives me this opportunity to discover a more up-to-date definition of myself at 60plus. I set myself free when I removed the bikini photos from the refrigerator door forever. (What a relief that was!)ideas-in-mind-92313-536

The process of refining, reinventing and reimagining of my life now, has brought mixed feelings of sadness and longing quickly followed by feelings of complete freedom, relaxation, energy and joy. Thank goodness, I have moved into a place of more gray and less black and white; more acceptance and less control; more joy and less fear and more appreciation and less mindlessness.

Once I let go of the “younger definition” of myself, I have allowed myself to grow older and grow bolder. Freedom from the past has set the stage for the expansion of my life with a new boldness. I am no longer hanging on to what should of been, could of been, what I wish I had done or not done or why it still can’t be that way.airplane_train_boat

Saying goodbye to some of my past fears has encouraged me to travel and let go of the fear of the future including thoughts of what “might happen.” In fact, “what might happen” is feeling pretty great and exciting.

More shall be revealed as I go on my first vacation in many years. My next newsletter will be sent from somewhere out in the ocean, so stay tuned. Writing is my personal way of working out issues and thought processes, so thank you for being out there in my world.36-1013tm-cart-travel


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