What to eat when I am out of my “regular routine” and where to find it? These questions top my “ponder list” today. I know I will need to wake up my creative brain in the back of my head and figure out how I will find food when food is now, more or less, out of my control.35-1013tm-char

Living in Mexico, where everything fresh is at my fingertips (eggs from chickens at the farm down the road, 143-1013-P0143vegetables just picked then delivered to the local store and fruit that ripened on the vine), and now on a trip, I find myself looking at menus and buffets wondering what is the best choice for me.

It is about choices and ¬†using to my “on the road” thinking before choosing, knowing this will take effort. It’s easy to just say, “Well, I can eat better when I get home.” ¬†Sound familiar? I tried this and felt awful with my choices. Now I am choosing to think, think, think before I choose!

Here is my plan for the rest of the trip (vamos a ver):

1) NEVER let myself get too hungry, so when I am out of choices, I am out of control.

2) I will forgo the very scary room menu and head downstairs to the restaurant where the choices are more varied.

3) Wake up my “observer,” letting her make the best choices available. (I can do this if I am not ready to eat a refrigerator).

4) Avoid the buffet and pick from a menu, taking a quick look and choosing, then closing the menu.retro-menu-design-for-seafood-restaurant---variation-4-913-1378

5) Be fully present with my meal so I will know that I have eaten.

6) STOP when I am satiated, using the wonderful “hunger scale” to keep me in touch with how I feel right now.

7) No guilt, the backlash is too powerful and will result in “no holds barred” pig out.

8) Most importantly, I will do the best I can with each meal with no regrets!

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