Stay fit for life together! In fact, as more health clubs turn towards the “Age Wave” of increasingly older clientele, “staying fit together” are the “buzz words” of marketing to the largest group of ever.  Boomers and Beyonders are showing up for workouts as a couple, with a fitness buddy or joining group fitness classes of like-minded and like-aged people.CBI-BabyBoomers0109_3

Teaching my first class at 22 years old, gave me my first experience of how powerful a group of people with similar demographics can be.

Within 1 year of teaching my first class of 4 women, I was jumping, shouting, encouraging and counting away with a room full of 50 women all-engaging in one common goal, “To Get Fit, Feel Strong.”

In fact, as I look back, what my group of exercising women really took away from class was a feeling of empowerment that began in their bodies and transitioned into a feeling of life confidence and assuredness as women (This was the early 70’s).

Today, my gym is filled with couples training together for life, functional fitness and wellness. I love to engage with couples as they go through their workouts and watch the support, caring and concern for each other. Couples that train together, get fit for life together.

Currently, my mission is to create a small group exercise class for Boomers and Beyonders.  Classes that will become more than exercise for function. This class will grow as a support buddy system of encouragement for each to just show up and do what they can. Even when one day’s energy is low, the intention of showing up is more important than the “what is accomplished that day.”  There will always be another workout day around the next corner.CBI-BabyBoomers0109_4

I believe through group support, we can keep people coming, exercising, bonding and laughing until the end.

My latest favorite quote by a ” Nifty Fifties Trainer…..“Be prepared for the unexpected. Older adults are capable of so much more than we generally think. You should be prepared to be amazed.”

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