Boomer aging

Recently, a reporter asked Sophie Loren, who just turned 80, how she stayed so youthful. She answered, “Posture, my back is always straight and I don’t make old people noises.” 

Sophie Loren is a dazzling example of someone who has aged, yet refused to allow poor posture, grunting and groaning to become her “new normal.” Her youthful energy and appearance are the rewards of her choice to live life younger.

How do the habits of aging become our new normal?  Isn’t this what happens when we slowly gain weight, avoid squatting to pick something up, decide not to climb on step stools, drive instead of walk and slump over our computers?

If “new normal” habits happened overnight, we could catch and correct them sooner. The good news is youthful habits such as straighter posture and refusing to make old people’s noises can become our new normal with a little focus and willingness.

Take a look at slow weight gain and how living with 20 extra pounds can easily become the new normal.  The imperceptible gain of 2 pounds a year, will add up to 20 pounds over 10 years. Our bodies and lifestyles will slowly acclimate to a body that is 20 pounds heavier.boomer aging

Let’s pretend I am your fairy godmother! Imagine squatting, lunging, bending over, getting out of bed or climbing stairs, and then voila, with the wave of my magic wand, 20 pound instantly disappear. Close your eyes and imagine continuing your activities with a lighter, less restrictive body moving more freely with ease.

If wishing could make it so, I would give the gift of “split-second weight loss” to everyone who wants to be leaner. In my heart of hearts, I believe this experience would forever cement the motivation needed to choose between Snickers or a warm bowl of soup.

Did something in your life change so slowly that you didn’t notice? If so, make another choice to ever so slowly recreate the “new normal” of your heart’s desire!






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