boomer life coaching trainingLately, I have heard these words running through my mind, “I am no longer in a hurry.”  What happened to the river that I was always pushing in the direction I felt was urgently important?

While pondering this shift in my attitude, I recalled colorful words painted on a huge rock on the side of a very steep mountain in Northern India.  “No Hurry No Worry,” literally jumped off that rock and grabbed my heart.  I was riding in a taxi with no headlights, taillights and squeaky brakes, which would soon be tested going down the other side.  I thought, “My, what a good idea!”

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Returning safely to the United States, I quickly forgot these words of wisdom.  Once again, life became a huge rush towards accomplishment, checking things off my list, underlying constant feeling of anxiety and worry that I would not have enough time to… (Fill in the blanks!)

Just how did the transition from balls to the walls thinking turn into no hurry no worry? Did I finally find the magic meditation, mantra, guru, spiritual aha or experienced enough tragedy and death to stop me in my fast track “Nothing stops me” thinking?” When did this feeling of relaxation begin? Most importantly, why the shift?

Is this what naturally happens to thinking and feeling when counting down instead of counting up? Is slowing down the progression of time and savoring the day a benefit of aging? Is acceptance of “what is” a wonderful release from always needing my way?

Although my transition to “No Hurry No Worry,” is not completely permanent, it is the place I want go. I believe something magical happened in my mid-sixties making me want to “slow mo” the death march.

While this new place may sound like I am giving up, in fact, I am living up! With the end closer, I urgently feel the need to grow more, learn more and expand, only now I am more choosey about what I bring into my life.

Is it possible for the outer shell to age and the inner spirit to grow younger? I wonder where my thinking will be at 75!

Life remains a question mark.  It seems I am not in a hurry to find out the answer.  Stay tuned for the next chapter, more will be revealed!Boomer coaching fitness





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