Recently, a friend suggested the way to live life was to hope for the best and plan for the worst. My reaction was one of horror! Plan for the worst? This seemed so counter intuitive.  I felt these words sounded negative, hopeless and energy draining. If I planned for the worst, would I create the worst?  Hope Definition Button Showing Wishes Wants And Hopes

Most of my life has been spent worrying about everything in the past, present and future.  At some point, a few years ago, my capacity to worry finally wore out.

Yet, after pondering on this statement I realized now that I am living in Mexico, I actually live by these words daily. For instance, while trying to make a left hand turn into my gym (hoping for the best), I have learned to check, check, check for anyone or anything zooming by me on my left.

When I first moved to Mexico, I was astounded by cars, motorcycles and bicycles that passed me on the left, even though I was stopped, had my left turn signal on, my arm out the window with my hand definitely indicating (hey, I am going over there).  

 At first, I thought, “my left hand turning signal light must be out!”

14-1013tm-cart-moreNot the problem! In fact, the only problem was continuing to hope and expect it was safe to make a left hand turn, using all my “proper” signals without worrying about the worst.

My complacency (or innocence hope) developed long before I moved to Mexico. Living in the USA most of my life, I came to accept when I was turning left, people behind me would believe that this was exactly what I was going to do and just wait.

Now when I turn left (hoping for the best), I must always prepare for the worst by looking in my rear view mirror, the outside left mirror and turning around just to be sure before actually turning left.

I get it now! My true nature is to hope for the best, yet as I plan for the worst, I am feeling a sense of security, acceptance and control. Do I want the worst to happen? Absolutely not! However, if it does, I am as prepared as I can be.  So far, turning left in Mexico has been successful and without a crash (or as we say in Spanish, choque!)

Thanks to my friend for sharing this bit of life wisdom. I share it now with you!

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