Moving to San Miguel de Allende and opening my private gym in 1999 has brought me so many surprises and happy times. Now 15 years later, I am still teaching boxing to my clientele, who have aged as well as I have.

Here’s Judy O’Neil, 70-year old, landing the winning punch on her Cardio Strike Bag just yesterday.

When I became a Certified Kick/Boxing Instructor 20 years ago, my main motivation was to teach this “new, popular” class to my private group of clients. Fast music, jumping, yelling, kicking and punching were just the thing for my 40 year plus clients to keep fit.

As a 65-year old personal trainer, I now continue to teach boxing to my clients, whom have aged 20 years as I have. When I first suggest this type of training as an adjunct to other types of training we are performing, often I am met with resistance and shock!

After hearing my explanation for suggesting this form of exercise, I usually have lots of takers. The reasons are numerous and include the following:

1) True Functional Exercises (on your feet, using the total body and brain)

2) Balance, Coordination, Agility, Hand-Eye Reaction Time Improvement

3) New Skill Learning While Performing Intense Calorie Burning

4) New Challenges for the Brain, Creating New Neuron Pathways

5) Fast-Twitch Muscle Fiber Recruitment and Growth

6) Memory Training

7) Re-Connecting with Power and Force in the Body

8) Interval Training for the Cardio Vascular System

9) Development of Speed to Reverse “Slowing Down as We Age” Thinking

10) A Whole Lot of Fun!

Over the last 20 years, I have taught Boxing for Exercise to people aging 40-87 years old.  In fact, Boxing for Exercise is great for people in wheelchairs or while sitting down. I adapt moves and customize the workout for each person’s special needs.  No matter what age, what level of fitness or what sex, Boxing for Exercise is a powerful addition to anyone’s Functional Aging Routine!  So put on your gloves and give it a whirl!



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