2 Boomer FriendsEach of the Beyonder/Boomer Women who responded to my Five Famous Questions have added to my determination that I will discover exactly what to write about, how to present it in a helpful yet humorous way while creating a community who is squeezing the best out of the rest of life. As an Aging Boomer Personal Trainer, I am talking to fit women who want to keep it, wise women who know they need to get fit now and willing women who need inspiration and knowledge to get fit.

The foundation for my book is cemented with experiences from my career as a Boomer fitness trainer. The book will be held together with stories of clients I have known over the last 40 years, mentors on being a Beyonder.  Some of my mentors have died, some continue to be in my life and some have moved on.

Semi-autobiographical in nature, yet I will share real solid ideas about how to think, what to do and most importantly, why you might want to do it. “It” being the sauce that keeps life alive, tasty and capable of expanding. My book will not join the millions of self-help books that might be read and yet never acted upon because of vagueness, shortage of personal motivation, undue complication or lack of support.


Please Beyonder and Boomer Women, share more heart deep feelings, answers and ideas! Be a part of my journey of “Writing My Book for Boomer Women.”

Janis’ Five Famous Questions

How old do you feel in your body? In your head?
Are you experiencing shock or acceptance over aging changes?
What are you doing to keep your body functioning well?
Are you feeling content with your life now?
What are you looking forward to?

PS: Men, please do not feel slighted. Just pass this on to the women in your lives, letting them know how much I need their help and thoughts on aging.  Women, please pass on my questions to any of your friends or family who might be interested in helping clear up my prejudiced thinking as a fitness trainer! Thank you, Janis



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