unnamed-1As I continue to receive so many in-depth and thoughtful answers to my Five Famous Questions for Boomer and Beyonder Women, I found the focus of my book performing twists and turns with a few “whacks on the side of the head!” In the last week, I have joined in on so many powerful conversations about aging, acceptance, resignation and empowerment.  Last night, I spoke to my sister, another Boomer Woman, about the differences in the Boomer Generation and what I call, the Beyonder Generation. She said they were actually called the Silent Generation and were a group that did not rock the boat unlike the Boomers.

Currently, I have a couple (95 and 90) that come to my gym every week to keep their bodies going.  Their lives are so filled with “what’s next” that a body in the best possible working order is the crucial support system for their lives.  This couple brings inspiration to all that know them reminding us to first take care of the physical so the rest of life can be enjoyed.


We Boomers don’t feel our age because our bodies still feel good. Now might be the time to start putting fitness deposits into our  Bank of Life to use when we actually do feel older. Even if the bank balance isn’t in the black, it is never too late to begin making deposits. As Boomers, most of us are still physically strong making this time of life perfect for adding to our fitness balance. At the Live Like You Can Gym, many consider our boxing couple an early warning system sending out the message, “Don’t Let Your Body Die Before You Do!”


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2 Responses to Boomers & The (Not So) Silent Generation

  1. Marita Furman says:

    Janet ,the thought of age is no disturbance to me as I decided in my fifties to get very comfortable within myself seeing others struggling with different types of ulterations holding on to what was in the past and who they where.I stay fit and my spiritual practices are most important to me sustaining me to what can be ahead of 73.Many Blessings to you,Marita

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