Last weekend I had the incredible magical experience of riding one of Mexico’s premier buses for 5 hours. I felt like I was traveling 100 years ago by train watching the landscape go by, all in 5 star comfort.

What a gift I was given by being able to just sit, read, study, think and watch uninterrupted for 5 hours. During this trip, I had the opportunity to finish the homework for a course I am taking. 

Usually I have to I rush back to my busy day, letting the new information I have just read simmer on the back burner of my life. This time, I was given the gift of “nowhere to go” so I could ponder, digest and apply the information to my life now.


“Why We Do What We Do,” by Edward L. Deci, was a fascinating read, clearly defining the 4 different motivations that drive human beings and how they can switch back and forth during our lives. More importantly, he stated it was vital to our success and happiness to identify which of the motivators were being used in making our life choices.

The 4 Motivational Drivers:

External Motivators come from outside sources (being told what to do).

Internal Motivators come from inside you and include the word “should.”

Integrated Motivators keep us going because it will benefit us in the future.

Intrinsic Motivators keep us going because it is fun, challenging, and joyful right now.


During my long career in fitness and coaching, I can now see how my career motivators have changed over the years.  

Today I know without a doubt, if I won the big lottery tomorrow, that my career would not change one bit. I would continue getting up each morning, going to my place of business and having a fun, happy, energetic time helping my clients.

If you want to change something in your life, it’s very important to first identify which motivator is driving you. Once you discover your own true motivator, you will find achieving your goals easier and more sustainable. 

Character Thinking Showing Thought And Doubt

First step, be sure you are the boss of you and you are the source of your motivation. Confirm that this goal comes from directly from your head and heart. 

Secondly, dig very deep into the “WHY” behind the why you want this change.  Once you know your own personal, deep down reasons, you will stick to your commitment even when things get tough.

If this change is personally motivated and deeply driven by your important “why” your prize will a sustainable change while living in your heart.      

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