Patricia likes to say, “I am no longer training, I am sustaining!” 


This conversation usually results in Patricia performing 5 more or going a little longer on the bike. While it is true that she no longer performs boxing exhibitions with me since her stroke, she still shows up 3 times a week to train at the gym with her partner, Martha. 

Patricia doesn’t always feel good. Actually, many times she feels pretty tired, stiff and in pain yet she makes it to her workout. 

Years ago, I promised her if she would make it to the gym, she would feel better when she left.  I have been able to keep that promise because she shows up.  In fact, just showing up has been her mantra for 10 years.  May 17, 10 036

Missing her workout would probably do little damage to her physically.  However, she knows that missing that workout could lead to the beginning of missing lots of workouts.  Of course, this can lead to stopping exercise all together.

With Patricia, I truly get to appreciate the “art” of personal training. So while it is true, some days she is just sustaining, she shows up for her training no matter what.

When I am 86 years old, may I always remember to remember to be inspired by Patricia’s dedication.

Thank you, Patty!

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