“Always time for tea”…so many thoughts and feelings came to me when I recently read this sentence in a magazine. First, I thought…well, it feels like there isn’t time for anything anymore!  Second, I thought…and everyone drinks $7 cappuccinos while walking or driving around. Yet, when digging deeper I found so many messages in this simple statement that apply now.

Time for a Break

Think about making tea…first, draw the water, put the pot to boil, pick your favorite tea by taking a whiff, choose your “sweetest memory” cup, sit down and wait.  For me, the act of sitting and waiting for something to happen shouts “patience, take breath, pause and count to 10, stop-look-listen and make a “reset.”

These are the words I share with my clients when they say “how did I get here again, why did I forget my goal, I wish I had not…, I can’t seem to get this.”

Almost every time, if I choose to sit and wait for a few minutes before taking action, I will make the next right choice. Yet, in a world of hurry, instant answers and stress; the concept of sitting and waiting may seem alien and unproductive.

put things on the back burner

I believe that some things just need to sit on the back burner of life to simmer until ready.  I know as the days pass by, I will read, think, feel or hear something and add it to the simmering pot.

One day, that pot will be ready to heat up and serve. While it may feel that making quick decisions, taking fast action and staying ahead  seems required today, I have experienced great action in taking no action.

During my 63 years, I have many times spoken and acted without thinking. Reacting instead of acting. Some time along the way, a very wise mentor shared these phrases….”Let me think about it” and “Think before speaking.”

When I use these suggestions, I avoid resentments and remember that words once said, can never be unsaid. There is always time for tea! Just saying that sentence makes me exhale and take a pause.



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