paradigm-shift-cartoonHave you made the Paradigm Shift required to enter the 3rd stage of life? For me, the shift happened over a 3 year period, rather quietly and progressively.

So, what does that mean? When I was in my 50’s, everyone told me that there was a clock inside my body and (exactly on my 60th birthday) my life, body, spirit and mind will forever change.

Many people told me that this change was horrible, shocking and that I would start running in the opposite direction back to my 50’s. Find a plastic surgeon, get a new hip, exercise more, eat less, try-try-try to rewind the clock.rewind clock

When I turned 60, my acceptance was a long way off. Denial was the name of the game. Talk was cheap.

My “older” friends already in the 6th decade said:

“This is the best decade of all”

“Don’t ever give up”

“Relax, it is what it is”

 “This is better than death”


Looking back from the other side now, I see the shift clearly and it was very subtle. I like to think of my life now as an old-fashioned strainer (yes, I did use one of these things), filtering out and letting go of things that I can’t control; keeping only the things/people in my life that I love and path that I want to follow.

Have you made the shift” Is it coming up? I would absolutely love to hear from you.


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