Live Like You Can Gym Open House, Saturday, July 9, 10-12pm

Calzada de la Aurora 19A

San Miguel de Allende

Have you ever had burning health and fitness questions that you couldn’t Google? Maybe you needed answers based on your own personal issues, desires and special needs. Maybe you needed a live person in order to have a conversation that included more than general information, a person such as a personal trainer, functional aging specialist or wellness coach?

The Live Like You Can Gym is opening its doors and inviting you to stop in for a chat. Think of our open house as a “radio call-in talk show” except you are invited to “walk-in,” using your feet instead of your phone to get answers to your questions about how you can improve daily function or put the extra edge on your current workout.Joe and Janis

Joe Hernandez and I have enjoyed over 80 “combined” years in the health and fitness industry. While our career paths have taken different curves and turns, we now have joined forces making the Live Like You Can Gym a place where people 60-100plus years of age can find answers, encouragement and results.

Watch “Janis’ Boxing for Life Workout” with clients like Dynamite Dan (82), Hurricane Gerry (post-stroke boxer) and Lethal Laurie. Watch a short boxing session to learn how this type of exercise can build agility; help regain balance, upper body strength, hand-eye reaction time, speed, power and confidence. During the past 20 years of teaching boxing for exercise, I have witnessed strong clients make huge fitness gains and people with disabilities “work the parts that work,”  even in wheelchairs!

Joe will be demonstrating the Power Plate Vibrational Training Machine with clear explanations of the why, how, how much, who and when of this incredible machine.Vibrational Training helps people exercise whose joints don’t work well, people suffering from neuromuscular diseases, post- stroke, balance issues, pain reductions as well as sports training and hard-core strength training. He will explain the different techniques used for training these two very diverse populations.

We will give a short talk on why small group private training works better than large public classes. You will see Joe’s Boomer Plus Fitness Class in action as he leads his team on with fun, laughter and individual instruction.dan stick

Since l999, the Live Like You Can Gym has continued to build a community of “fitness for aging” people who want to flatten out the usual downward trajectory curve of aging. We currently train people 60-95 years old and are planning on upping the oldest to l00 over the next few years. You will also have the opportunity to schedule a private complimentary visit with us at a later date.

We invite you to come to our open house and offer our expertise as a free public community service. We look forward to meeting people interested in staying fit as possible as they age. Please spread the word!

Want to see more, go to www.livelikeyoucan.

Call 152-0457; email,

Gym: Calzada de la Aurora 19A, Big Red Doorred door


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