Dotty, How not to look old

A few days ago, I sent out my newsletter asking my readers to join in on a conversation about Boomer Women Aging by answering a few questions.  However, I neglected to tell you why I need help as a good friend pointed out to me. She encouraged me to share my journey and promised that I would get response from women once they knew my “WHY.”

I am writing a book on Aging and Boomer Women who are fit and healthy, who want to stay fit and healthy or who want to get fit and healthy before it is too late.  My intention is to address the issue of feeling much younger in our heads while seeing the physical changes of aging as a mismatch or surprise.  At what point do we give up and accept the aging body as part of the process? What do we accept and we can we do to slow down or prevent some of the physical aging?

My 45 years as a fitness trainer (who now is an aging Boomer) has given me the unique opportunity to watch women older than me going through the aging process, some working with me for almost 20 years. My first hand experience has filled my treasure chest with inspiring stories from people who have taught me how to age well and “whack on the side of the head” words of wisdom.

My book will discuss the aging issues we all must face as women, what we can do to best move through these years while sharing stories of inspiring people who have changed my way of thinking about aging.  As an Aging Boomer Fitness Trainer, I will shine a guiding light on how to do these years well drawing from my personal experience of being in the youth business most of my life. You, the reader of my book, will join me as I travel the same aging journey, knowing you are not alone on this path.

As my friend suggested, perhaps my fitness career has tainted my thinking about what to accept and not accept as part of Boomer aging.  She could be right, so I need help from you, my Boomer Readers. Please take a few minutes and share your thoughts on my questions below. Much appreciation for taking the time to help!

PS: Send to me directly,

How old do you feel in your body? In your head?
Are you experiencing shock or acceptance over aging changes?
What are you doing to keep your body functioning well?
Are you feeling content with your life now?
What are you looking forward to?





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