As I continue down the path of growing older, especially as a personal trainer and coach, I am experiencing the mighty swing of the aging pendulum. Swinging from the feeling of “Oh no, what now to this is great!” Great in so many ways of feeling more centered and secure about things that used to drain so much of my energy. Not so great in the ways of physical changes such as feeling some aches and pains as a result of 45 years of jumping around in the gym, losing the race with gravity and having to find more time to do maintenance work.

Just a few years ago, the concept of maintenance was a fairly new and shocking concept. My “Older Than Me” friends warned me that the days of feeling 30 would come to an end and the need to find more time to keep the aging changes at bay would be required. Even if they don’t look it on the outside, most Boomer women feel like 30 on the inside. Their psychological age is much younger than their chronological age, and in many respects, their psychological age is more youthful and vibrant than that of women 20 and 30 years their junior.

clients 031My “I feel 30” thinking began slowly dissipating with the wise words of my longtime training client, Dotty, then 85. I still remember the feeling of shock when I heard her say, “Janis, at a certain age, things can’t get better, we will be working on only maintenance from here on out.” Being known as the Cheerleader for the Human Body for most of my career, I couldn’t relate and felt she was just giving up. Now, years later, as I look back on that moment, I know my brain started twisting around this idea of focusing more on slowing down the aging downhill slide rather than freezing the body into some kind of never-changing entity.

So, while my head gets clearer about what’s important now and what I want to do with the rest of my life, I am starting to accept that my body is talking to me in a new way. In the midst of writing my book for Boomer Women on aging, grief and the joy of acceptance, I am asking for help from my Boomer and Beyonder Women readers.


Here are my questions:

How old do you feel in your body? In your head?
Are you experiencing shock or acceptance over aging changes?
What are you doing to keep your body functioning well?
Are you feeling content with your life now?
What are you looking forward to?

Your help is greatly appreciated as my community of women grows. Please take a few minutes and join in the conversation, Janis



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2 Responses to Boomer Women Aging

  1. Chris Adams says:

    1. About 20 years younger than my age physically, about 30 yrs younger in my mind!
    2. Accepting
    3. Somewhat healthy eating, lots of raw fruit and veggies, exercise abt 5 days a week
    4. Yes, very!
    5. Retirement next year but nit slowing down except for the travel schedule I’ve had for 20+ Yes. Still busy serving Christ any way He chooses with family, church and others.

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