Today is the day I will no longer procrastinate and write my first blog post. Live Like You Can has been germinating in my life for the last 3 years since turning 60. Some of the questions that I have been pondering:party1

What’s the best I can be at this stage of my life?

What do I need to accept now?

What can I improve?

What do I need at this 3rd stage of life?

Most importantly, what needs to shift in my thinking  as I move through the 3rd stage of life?

Recently, I enrolled in a Forgiveness Class with Joseph Bennett and found myself wondering what I needed to do to allow my energy to flow again. What were the speed bumps that have slowed me down during the last 3 years. My mantra for the last 25 years has been “I feel just like I am 30.”  Travel back in time with me when I was in my 30’s (remember, it was the 80’s!)

As I answer the questions on my “ponder” list, I will take you on this journey with me as I write posts in this blog, Live Like You Can.
I found myself thinking about acceptance before I could move on. Acceptance of things I can not change.

When I turned 60, “feeling like 30”, my hip started having pain. During my lifelong years in the fitness business, I found body parts hurt from time to time, with the pain disappearing after an “appropriate” time. After 1 year of pain, alternative natural methods, prescription drugs and more pain, I decided to go to a doctor that could just tell me how to fix this. What a surprise! I heard the words “hip replacement” and ran.

For 2 more years, I denied and dealt with this pain, that would go away. Now it seemed that the “appropriate time” was growing longer and longer.  So how could I move into acceptance of a new hip and away from denial that the pain would just go away…Well, it was an interesting journey that started with “Forgiving Myself For Aging.”

I wonder if this issue has come up for you in your 3rd stage of life. If you too are pondering questions similar to mine, let’s ponder together. I would love to hear from you.

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