“You must do things you think you can not do”…Eleanor Roosevelt

During my 3 year journey to a NEW HIP, I explored many options to “heal it” myself. Glucosamine, easy massage, hard massage, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, praying, ignoring, whining, making one stirrup longer, so I wouldn’t sit to one side of the horse, googling, researching, talking to doctors, going to doctors, x-rays, MRI, breathing pain out, medication, more medication.

Stuck in Life So, going to doctors…I traveled 4 1/2 hours away using my GPS for the first time and nearly having stroke in Guadalajara traffic to speak to the recommended “Best” doctor.  

This doctor was very gracious, caring, kind (as most doctors are here in Mexico), and gave me 1 hour of his time. However,  he asked me “not to ask any wrong questions.” Well, I was in a quandary, however we got through it and I returned home still confused about which way to go.

Riding my horse “Side Saddle,” as my instructor diligently kept correcting, was not the best option for the horse or me. So lengthening the “bad” side stirrup only 

How to overcome Challengesmade me more unbalanced, as I was in the process of becoming (mentally and physically). Note…I rode as though I was born with the left leg 8 inches longer!

Whoa, as we say in the horse world, I finally ran out of bargaining “chips” and options. Well, I am a pretty stubborn person who, in the past, usually got my way. Not this time!

The journey continues despite my insistence that it end the way I planned. Next post I will share my experience about how I became “ready” to accept that I NEED A NEW HIP.





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