UnknownWhat do I want? This question has always been in the forefront of my life. Many years ago, it was easy to give answers such as, “More money, more time, more beauty, more people who adored me, more…, more…., more….!”  I could write the entire post on what I used to want and thought I didn’t have, and most likely, did not believe I would ever have.

Our next Live Like You Can Monthly Women’s Meeting will be talking about what we want now and how that has changed over the years.  What will we do to test out our thoughts to confirm if what we say now is truly what we want now.  I like to prompt this conversation by asking questions that might have surprisingly deeper answers revealing what I call, “I could of had a V8!”  My version of “A Whack on the Side of the Head,” a slightly different focused expansion of our possibilities.

In the past, this question seemed to bring out feelings of overwhelm, confusion and tiredness.  Today, I am totally clear about the answer.  An answer that has slowly keep appearing over the last 10 plus years.  Appearing so often, that I now claim it as my own. It doesn’t have to do with stuff, personal appearance, people or animals! In fact, one word would cover everything I want because once I have it, everything else can be accepted, patience appears and serenity becomes the basis for each day. I know I am sounding like some kind of enlightened guru, however, that’s not me. I have just lived long enough to know that in the end, all will be well.

How is that possible? When I am too knotted up with expectations, feeling gnarly and upset, I know that I better stop, look and listen to what is going on because of my deep passion to remain FREE.  Freedom from the media,  freedom from reactions, freedom from wants, freedom from what others think, most of all freedom from myself.

While I do not always live with freedom, feeling tied up, angry or disappointed, I do want to return always to this state of FREEDOM. Sooner or later (depending on my attitude), I will always go back to this feeling. It’s only my choice how long it takes.


Ponder Questions for “What Do I Want?”

If my life had absolutely no limits and I could have it all, do whatever I wanted, what would I choose to have and what would I choose to do? (here’s where you get to dream, take some time with this one)

What would I do if I had one billion dollars? (once you get past all the stuff you want, money will no longer be a roadblock, then what?)

What would I stand for if I knew no one would judge me? (no fear, then what?)

What would I do if I had only 5 years to live? (powerful and possibly the most powerful question to get you thinking)

PS: My favorite way to find freedom…..in-riding-a-horse-we-borrow-freedom-quote-1

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2 Responses to What Do I Want? (Oh no, please don’t ask me that!)

  1. Sarah B. Ash says:

    Janis, Thank you for this powerful and true reminder of what is all too easy to forget as we often get carried away with our overbooked, day-to-day lives. Why do we get carried away with our day-to-day lives to a point where we are not truely happy? Because we are measuring what is important on the wrong scale…the scale offered by an out-of-control, materialistic society that dictates “he who dies with the most toys WINS”.
    Your beautifully written piece reminds me that “even if you WIN the rat race…your still just a rat!” and I do want to be free and not live like a rat!
    Abrazos, Sarah

    • Dear Sarah, How wonderful to hear from you. Your words are so heartfelt, shared by so many in this world. You are lucky to find yourself so open to change! Please stay in touch, Janis

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