As my hip replacement saga continues, I return home 3 days after surgery. No pain, just stiffness and scary words of caution from Dr. Schmidt…Never, Never, Never…bend over or have more than 90 degrees of hip flexion, cross my legs, rotate my hip outside and use a walker for 3-4 weeks, walking as much as possible.

As a lifelong fitness trainer who has rehabbed many replacement clients, I decided I must do rehab as well as walk with that irritating walker. Here are my initial exercises.

Now, the truth, I hung on to that walker for one week, before it went back to the original owner. Val Cook, friend and client, decided I need a cane with personality.



walking cane

Thank you Val & her Partner Parker

Side Note: As you can see, my gym is pet-friendly!


Two weeks post-surgery, I was back in the gym, training and laughing and having a great time with my favorite fun people. Here I am with a fellow blogger, who has given me so much help/feedback. If you want an ironic laugh, follow Richard Lander, The Gangs of San Miguel,


What did I learn from this 3 year experience?

For me, there will always be a process which includes education and lots of questions, if I have the time.

For me, I will push it to the limit, sometimes being pushed into making decisions and that’s ok.

For me, trust myself to go in the direction best for me.

Most of all, it is what it is, it will be alright and I am not alone anywhere!

Most most of all, I would love to hear your comments, experiences with new hips and any new jokes!

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