In the middle of my 6th decade, my passion for becoming friendly with death and why it’s important to do so generates much energy and thinking. Each time I sit down to write, my thoughts increasingly turn to death and  how to make death part of my life.


I strongly believe that knowing the clock is ticking is central to waking up and appreciating each moment we have left.  Truly getting comfortable with this idea can mean we have the time to clean up our regrets and avoid accumulating anymore.

Personally, the act of writing about death opens up a clear passageway for a better understanding and easiness about the journey I share with every living creature.

Head Puzzle Shows Slipping Ideas Or ThoughtsThis blog has given me the opportunity to expand on those conversations and ponder out loud thoughts and new revelations I hold on this subject.

If my ideas can light a fire, open a door, start a conversation or help someone think more deeply about their life by discussing death, then I will continue to ponder my thoughts on this subject.

Surprisingly, I have found many who want to discuss death and expand their thinking on our bond with all.  Powerful conversations have been produced so far in response to my meandering thoughts. I want more!

While this might not be a subject you prefer to think about, you will always have the choice to read me or delete me.

If you feel called to continue this discussion or share your thoughts, I welcome your comments.


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