My plan (until something changes it) is to live to 100 years old. Ideally, I would prefer my health, brain and money to run out the same day, which would be my last day on earth!  I have been told making such plans doesn’t make sense and I have no way of predicting just how long I will live.  That may be so, however, until I know or feel differently, I will continue to place my mind-set on living healthily and comfortably until 100.

“WHY NOT?” This is the question I always ask myself.  I have always said to my friends and family (and now online),  “I believe I am going to live to 100, happily and then die!”

While this might sound crazy, unrealistic and self-diluting, I also know thinking this way won’t hurt either. Knowing I am living to 100 makes me more aware of each day and how I decide to spend it. Do I make choices to support my belief or do I make choices that support ill health and a weak body/brain? Do I let fear about money creep into my day? Do I focus on just what I want to do or do I spend time focusing outward on others and how to help?

I took an online quiz and based on my answers, I will live to 96. There were suggestions of what I can do to extend this number. The link can be found at the end of my post.  I found the information enlightening and motivating. While some answers may not be changeable, others are entirely within my power if I remember to remember them daily.

For me, keeping my overall life goal in mind helps me daily to stay aware of which choices are best to support my body, mind and money, in order to happily to 100. While I might not make every single choice the best choice, when I know I will live to 100, I find I easier to “get back on track” when discovering I have made a less than perfect choice.

My old dog friend’s photo is on my bulletin board at the gym to remind me, no matter what, keep chasing that stick, throw it one more time, I am still having fun.0 4.58.25 PM

“Living happily to 100” is firmly in my plan and knowing my daily choices can determine the best outcome for me. WHY NOT?

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