0 This guy was given to me on my 60th Birthday.  The inscription read, “Over the hill, is better than under the hill.”  I have kept this card on my gym bulletin board for almost 5 years to remind me to Live Like I Can until the end.

When I look into the eyes of this noble master of the dog world, I see wisdom, joy, freedom and let’s play NOW!

I bet this guy has aches and pains, slower to get up and get going in the morning and takes more naps. I also bet when he wants you to throw the stick, he means business.

In Dog Speak, he is saying, “Don’t count me out yet, just keep throwing this stick.  When I die, I hope it is fast, swift and during one of my best dashes to get the stick before it lands. Now that would be heaven.”

The Boomers are also living life to the fullest right up until the end taking zumba, lifting weights, adventure trekking, competing in races and learning new skills. Boomers will keep expanding their lives with new experiences, challenges and relationships.

We are the generation that grew up in the greatest of times. We will push life to the limit to capture every bit possible before we go.

So throw the stick, run to catch it and start all over again. Never give up and Live Like You Can.

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