A few weeks ago, I heard a new client say, “I just can’t continue being comfortable with the uncomfortableness of my life as a slug.”  Finally she had become so uncomfortable with being uncomfortable she moved into taking action! Decision making time was over, gone were the pondering thoughts of “maybe I should…” and all that was left was to show up and see what could be possible. Active Lazy Buttons Shows Proactive Or Relaxing Lifestyle

Hearing her words brought back memories of my younger years when I was willing to be very uncomfortable in order to meet what I thought were my standards and values.  My parent’s standards such as work until you drop, there is never enough, never show your weakness and suck it up in order to carry on and on were my life’s drivers.

These standards were imbedded by my “Greatest Generation” parents.  I have huge amounts of gratitude and thankfulness for their ideals and strengths.   I was able to survive and live a life of many accomplishments filled with periods of happiness followed by always looking for more.

Yet, were these my ideals and strengths? Almost ten years ago I began to ponder whether these drivers were right for me. I had become super uncomfortable with the uncomfortableness, like a shoe that became too tight to wear.

For example, many years ago, when part of my career included traveling on the speaker circuit as a motivational leader, I felt wearing high heels was mandatory along with a “suit.”  Walking in high heels is a super example of how I was able to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. sivuch1584-120813-timo4

Then one day, I woke up and just couldn’t do it anymore. No more high heels, no matter what! I had finally become uncomfortable with the uncomfortable and make a serious change in my speaking attire.

Life has always offered me opportunities to know more about myself if I chose to explore and listen. In the mist of my Professional Coaching Certification, we were asked to take a values and strengths survey, www.viame.org

Surprisingly, I discovered only one of my top values were connected with my past drivers. This survey gave me more tools to remake decisions about what to accept in terms of uncomfortableness and comfortableness.  I encourage you to take a look at this survey and explore yourself.

It’s funny, as the earth has slowly turned over the last 10 years, I find myself looking deeply into the concept of acceptance. Basically knowing what to accept and what to change. At Boomer age, it is too easy to make what was once uncomfortable, comfortable. 


Certainly, I do not have the answers to all of my personal explorations about what to get comfortable with and what to fight as best I can. However, I offer these thoughts as possible subjects to ponder when you have a few minutes of quiet time.




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