A few days ago, I heard these words quoted passionately by an l0l-year old man, Mr. Roselio Munoz. Being a member of the Greatest Generation made his words even more profound and powerful.

 While the concept was not new to me, his words hit my heart like an arrow. Of course, I knew the concept of “You never know, you could be hit by a bus today!” as well as “Will this matter on my death bed?”

If I honestly believed today was the final day of my life, what would I do? How would I choose to feel? Who would I talk to? Exactly how would I spend my last day?

 Victor Frankl (Man’s Search For Meaning) wrote,  “Between the stimulus and reaction, there is a space. In that space, lies our growth and freedom.”


 I truly believe these are the most powerful words ever written and the way to true freedom from ourselves.  

So what happened to me yesterday, when the glass company stood me up for our 11th scheduled, confirmed, and promised delivery of glass?

 Well, I quickly forgot the space between the stimulus and reaction, becoming furious and frustrated by what I deemed was a lack of respect.

 Letting these emotions creep into the rest of my day made me feel even worse. Is this how I would spend my “last” day? Would this matter on my deathbed?

 Finally, remembering Victor and Roselio, I also remembered that I could choose to rewind, reset and refuse to give my power away.  In fact, I could accept this glass was never showing up and find a another company!

 Thank you Roselio and Victor for your magic words. I may tattoo them on my arm to remember to remember until they are in my mind and heart l00%.




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