I Took Charge Of My Vision

karen race

I started my journey with Janis on February 2, 2012.  At the time I was facing many challenges in my life, to include the death of my Father and a pending divorce. I wasn’t sure I needed or wanted a Wellness coach, as having a coach would surely mean I would have to dive into the challenges .

After meeting with Janis,  I could tell she had a genuine interest in helping people find their wellness vision.  You see a wellness vision is not necessarily becoming thin, as I previous thought, a wellness vision encompasses the “Whole You”. 

Janis helped me dig deep and create a wellness vision that suited me, not her.  I set weekly goals and began to see results.  As the time as gone on, I continue to remain focused on my wellness vision as well as my weekly goals. 

As a result of coaching, I no longer cry when talking about my dad, I have conquered the pending divorce and not looking back, I have run my first, of many, 5K races, I have lost 24 lbs., but the greatest experience of coaching is knowing that I am setting realistic achievable goals which are making a difference in my life. 

Words that come to mind include, confidence, courage, strength, patience, and conquering fear, setting a future vision and taking small steps to achieve that vision. In other words,  I am “In Charge” of my vision!! I smile a lot more know, my life has truly changed,  Thanks Janis!!

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