Design Your Third Act in Two Days

October 24 & 25, 2015


Thank you for your interest in our workshop.  It’s for motivated women who want to create a Third Act that fulfills their dreams and realizes their potential.  If you are contemplating retirement, moving to San Miguel or want to improve key parts of your life, the workshop will help you get started right away.

Workshop Content

On Day One of the workshop you will work with other women, learn about their lives and share your own.  You will also take a look at your life right now, identify parts you want to change and why, then create the vision for your future.  By the end of Day One you will know what you want to work on and why it is important to you.

On Day Two focuses on taking action and maximizing your success.  First, you will define what you need in order to get ready for the trip.  For example, you may decide to learn new skills, build a strong support group or change your lifestyle.  We will begin the self-coaching process, illustrating how it will support you staying on track.  You will learn how to set up achievable goals and monitor your progress along the way.

You will have the opportunity to work with the workshop instructors as you move forward.  If you want to discuss your progress you can schedule a “touch point”, via telephone or email.  This is a brief conversation to see how you are doing and if you have gotten stuck anywhere.  Our focus will be to help you keep on track with your goals.

Workshop Facilitators

Janis McDonald began her career in the fitness and coaching business over 40 years ago, helping thousands of people discover how to be stronger, healthier and wiser about their choices in life.  She has emphasized balancing emotional, mental, spiritual  needs while discovering and creating the strongest, healthiest physical base possible.  Most of all, she has enjoyed a lifetime of helping people feel better.

Mary Murrell began to design her Third Act after retiring to beautiful San Miguel where she has lived for the past 14 years. She has always been interested in how change can be nurtured with individuals and organizations. Her background includes university teaching, business management and executive coaching for major corporations.

2014 workshop participants at Rancho Waena

2014 workshop participants at
Rancho Waena

Participant Comments About the Workshop

The most valuable part for me was to be completely honest with such an amazing group of women and to come away with purposeful goals for the future.

What fun it was to was to hear about everyone’s progress and projects. We talked about how goals were reached and which ones had changed in the process of discovering new ideas on.  So much forward activity, much thanks to the stellar leadership of you and Mary.  The two of you are dynamite together.

The sequential movement of the two days was interesting and brought to light ideas and feelings I really had not thought about before.  I appreciated discovering aspects of my life that could use some change and the program gently led me there.

We came together as strangers, but within a few hours we were opening up, sharing personal issues and helping one another to make positive changes.

The printed materials we used were excellent and well organized. I also enjoyed the times we spent one-on-one with a fellow participate using the workbook to help us with the task we had given to complete

The time away from life’s tasks to concentrate on setting goals for a positive future was very important.  The single most meaningful activity for me was the meditation period when we were guided through a conversation with future selves.

[su_box title=”Fast Start Workshop Includes:” box_color=”#ffffab” title_color=”#00000″]

  • Screening interview to make sure this is a good fit for you
  • Two Day Workshop, Saturday and Sunday, July 11 & 12,  9:30 until 4 pm. First day held in Centro at a private home with a Parroquia view. The second day held at a beautiful ranch in the country just outside San Miguel.
  • Touch Point conversations with Janis or Mary. We are available to help you stay on track. Make contact by telephone or email to get support for your progress
  • Lunch served both days, Workshop materials, $250US

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