Bob Remak“Janis Got the Ball Moving!”

While working out with Janis, she started coaching me. I had been stuck for a long time trying to get a business going. She gave me little weekly projects to do. In essence, she broke down something that had been overwhelming and paralyzing, into smaller achievable goals. With the success I felt accomplishing each step and the foundation they built, things started to move. I soon had my business plan, a punch list of what to do and very quickly realized my dream of having my own restaurant.

In summary:

  • Janis helped me break down something complicated into logical achievable short-term projects.
  • She gave me someone to be accountable to, I needed to report in each week on how I did.
  • She supported me giving me encouragement and cared very much about me as a person.
  • My success working with her built my confidence a led to continued successes.
  • Without the help of Janis I am not sure I would finally be the owner of my own restaurant and living my dream.


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