“Sometimes We’re So Stubborn,
We Can’t Even Tell Ourselves What To Do”


Almost nobody likes to be told what to do, especially when it comes to changing long-lived habits, thought patterns, lifestyle changes and really much of anything for that matter. Sometimes we’re so stubborn we can’t even tell ourselves what to do.

That’s why I appreciate coaching so much. Your coach is there to do just that, coach. She’s not there to tell you what to do or to prescribe your next move. She’s there to provoke. To allow you the space and freedom to ask yourself the right questions, consider your surface response, dig a little deeper to something below your conscious thoughts and set a self-designed course that feels right for you.

Week by week, goal by goal, you have the freedom, with wise guidance, to sort and plot and step into a course that will change your direction. Notice I have not said anything about losing weight or beginning an exercise regimen. Those may be aspects of wellness you will choose to consider but there are so many other factors. Like stress management, healthy relationships, and life satisfaction. Coaching allows me to view the panorama that is my life and pursue emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth, as well as developing a holistic view of physical wellness.

Janis has been my coach for about two years and I remain excited about walking this journey with her. Currently I am being challenged by the Am I Hungry? program. This is a whole new ball game and has rocked my world.

At age 56, I am pouring my efforts into learning how to replace old stereotypes about dieting and exercise with a much more balanced and gentle mindset about how I feel and react to food and how to expend the energy that food gives me. It’s challenging and wonderful! I’m looking forward to completely embracing the Am I Hungry philosophy and living a life where I am free to expend my energy on the things that are important to me.


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