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Joe Hernandez, 74 Years Young


Joe Hernandez

Joe and I meet 13 years ago and began discussing training and gyms in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. At that time, Joe worked with older people at his various locations, living with his wife, Aurora in McAllen, Texas, Aguascalientes as well as San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. His lifelong pursuit of physical fitness and passion to help people be better was the perfect match for me and the Live Like You Can Gym.

Both of us started out instructing exercise in our twenties, using the Royal Canadian Air Force Handbook to help us teach our first classes.  In the 70’s, exercise books were difficult to find and fitness was commonly seen as a fad.

Joe spent his early life riding horses, wrestling and playing football.  In l960, he worked in Vic Tanny’s Gym sharing the motivational words of his mentor, Jack LaLanne to anyone who would listen.  He taught the Royal Canadian Exercises on television and now continues to live a life focused on sharing his youthful secret! Exercise is the solution for the aging body.  It is truly a magic potion for feeling better no matter what else is happening in life.

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JackieToday, Joe is a Power Plate Vibrational Training Professional using this amazing mode of exercise to help people at the Live Like You Can Gym.  His clients include people with painful joints, weight issues, stiffness, post-stroke, arthritis, de-conditioned and working with people 45-95 years old.

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